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with him, Willie's unpredictable... actually he fascinates me. God, my heart is pounding like mad. I opened the door, holding my breath, and there levitra 20mg he is online levitra with his big bright eyes and that great smile, his nose scrunched up generic levitra online at the bridge where he had those little freckles... he looked beautiful levitra coupon to me. Without levitra 20mg thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck and whined, "Willie, I love you. I missed you!" He's chuckling and, staggering through the doorway into the living room, almost carrying me, he goes, "Nice greeting, Dylan. I love you too baby, you know that." I got my mouth on his and Willie did his kissing generic vardenafil magic, he's the best kisser ever. When Robbie and I are kissing, more of the action comes from me, but with Willie, forget about it! His lips and tongue are constant motion. I don't mean to infer that making-out with Robbie isn't hot because it's wicked hot, but with Willie he just sweeps me off my feet and I can't catch my breath. We almost stumble over buy levitra online backwards until Willie pulls apart slightly to breathlessly say, "Oh, you missed your Willie, did ya? I know what you need, levitra 20 mg Dylan." He had a cute smirk on his face when he said, vardenafil "I'll fuck ya in your own bed so when you get in bed later tonight it'll remind you of me. OK?" I nodded my head and took his hand to lead him down the hall. My dick was already half hard. Willie dropped his pleated Polo buy levitra online shorts saying, "Take everything off, Dylan, and get up on your little bed there. What's that called? a bunk generic levitra online bed?" He levitra coupon was neatly laying his shorts across the chair and pulling off his Polo golf shirt as I say, "No, it's just a twin bed, not a bunk bed... hell, I don't know." I was undressed first because I just online levitra toss levitra coupon my clothes in a pile. Willie folded his neatly as he says, "This is gonna be hot. Get over here, you know what I like to start with" and he leans over on the edge of the bed. I knew very well what he was referring to. Getting on levitra generic my knees behind levitra coupon him I look at his great, plump ass for a second. He has kind of thin thighs, but they're strong looking levitra 20 mg too, his buttocks weren't thin at all though... like I said, they were two plump generic levitra bubble online levitra butts... firm, plump, vardenafil bubble butts. I grabbed a fist full of each one and massaged both for a few seconds, then rubbed them gently before vardenafil kissing one, then the levitra 20 other. Licking and kissing his ass was very sexy to me, to Willie also levitra 20 mg apparently as I heard vardenafil his steam-sound coming buy levitra online from him as he blew air out through his tightly closed teeth and then he followed that with a large, exaggerated inhale. After giving wet, sloppy kisses all over his buttocks I spread them apart and there was that tight rosebud asshole. Very pink generic levitra and very clean looking. I lick just across the opening a number of times before doing long laps from just behind his scrotum, up his crack, over levitra generic his asshole and up the rest of his crack to the notch in his back at the top of his crack. Then generic vardenafil again and again... Willie made a gasping sound and I reached around buy levitra to stroke his hardening cock. He shivered and shuddered when I did that and then I turned my attention to concentrate exclusively on his hole. This is a big turn on for me, rimming Willie, I levitra generic mean, especially because I know what follows... I get to suck levitra 20mg his cock! levitra 20 Working my tongue inside his asshole and squirming it up about an levitra online inch with my nose plastered tight in his crack, then slowly out, then generic levitra back up inside and I did that until Willie cries out, "Oh my God... Dylan, ya gotta stop or I'm going to cum". Sitting back on my ankles and stroking buy levitra my own boner absently, Willie slowly turns completely around, leaning his rear-end against the bed, looks down at me levitra 20 with a smile and quietly say, "I missed buy levitra you too, Dylan." and he chuckled again... his penis looked so long I had to gulp thinking about it soon going way up inside levitra generic me. We looked at each other and I saw someone with the happiest expression on their face, like he was thrilled to be with me... his expression seemed to say to me that I was the one person in the entire world he most wanted to be with. That would make anybody feel special and that's how I felt... special, like I was special and I really believe I am to Willie. It's a feeling everyone should experience with another! Shortly buy levitra online Willie motioned with his finger that I should start sucking his cock so I leaned forward and took it in my hand... I could feel it generic vardenafil had softened some during the lull so I stroked it and then, still hold his cock in my fist, I began licking his balls getting his scrotum dripping with my saliva. online levitra I sucked his wet nuts, one at a time into my mouth to suck and tongue levitra generic and then I did the same with both nuts in my mouth at the same time. I sucked and pressed against them with my tongue until I heard a grunt from Willie... then I knew I'd buy levitra online put enough pressure levitra online on that bag of nuts to get levitra 20mg his attention. Willie constantly played with my hair or rubbed up the back of my head... he has such an affectionate way of touching, it levitra 20 enhanced that earlier feeling that I'm special to him. His balls nicely generic levitra online sucked and sufficiently wet and dripping, I pushed the sac levitra online out and started lapping up the shaft of his cock which generic levitra online was rigidly hard again. Then my favorite part, sucking on the generic levitra head of generic vardenafil his cock. I sucked it till he grunted, "Wait..." Looking up at him with my eyes at the top of their sockets, he says, levitra 20 mg "I felt like I was starting to cum .. hold up a sec". Sitting back on my ankles again levitra online I rubbed all around his pubic area which had grown in to about three-quarters of an inch since the last time it was shaved. As I said, sometimes I shave Willie buy levitra and sometimes he does it himself, but he now likes the feel and the look of a shav